Rutgers University Index of Videos
Find more videos from Rutgers University on our Bed Bug video playlist on our YouTube channel.
Rutgers University on IPM
7:27 min. Video on Integrated Pest Management from Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers video index
40 min. Video ~ Rutgers University
A comprehensive bed bug educational video discusses history of bed bugs, bed bug biology, monitoring and inspecting methods, how to prepare and conduct bed bug treatments.
BedBugTV Index of Videos
Bed Bug TV, hosted by Jeff White, is an online video series that discusses different topics and answers questions in regards to bed bugs.
BBTV How to use Monitors/Traps
4:15 min. Video on research by Rutgers University
Jeff White discusses how research recently conducted at Rutgers University has shed light on the impact interception devices have on low level bed bug infestations (less than 10 bed bugs). This research demonstrated that 50% of low level bed bug infestations can be eliminated solely through the installation of interception devices around the bed and along the baseboards throughout homes.
BBTV How to Install Encasements
5:52 min. Video Encasements can be used as a way to protect bedding from bed bugs, help identify infestations as early as possible and assist in the control of a known bed bug infestation. Encasements used in conjunction with traps and making the bed an island can prevent people from being bitten while they sleep. The most important aspect of the installation is to remember to do anything possible to reduce tearing of the box spring encasement so that bugs cannot get in or get out.
BBTV How to Inspect Beds for Bugs
6 Minute video on proper inspection of beds.
BBTV How to Use a Steamer
8:44 min. Video Jeff White demonstrates the proper way to use a steam machine to treat for bed bugs. It has been well documented that the heat created by most steamers is enough to kill both bed bugs and their eggs on contact. This is a great treatment method for different types of upholstered furniture as well as other areas of the home. Protocol states that on most surfaces one-inch per second is the recommended rate to move the steam attachment.
SenSci more videos
In these videos Entomologist, Jeff White, explains how SenSci Activ bed bug lure and Sensci Volcano work.
Bed Bugs: What you need to know
1 min. video From:
One of the more widespread pests, one out of five people have had a bed bug infestation or knows someone who has encountered them. Here's everything you need to know about them, including surprising places they can be found and why they're attracted to humans.
Life Cycle of a Bed Bug
1 min. video From:
Although small in size, bed bugs can quickly reproduce and survive for months without feeding, allowing undetected infestations to rapidly grow. Learn more about the life cycle of these pests.
New App from OSU
New App Helps Users Identify, Prevent and Control Bed Bugs
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BedBugTV Index of Videos

Bed Bug TV, hosted by Jeff White, is an online video series that discusses different topics and answers questions in regards to bed bugs.

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